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wtf is up with sprites

2008-08-18 03:41:03 by Dossfilm

do people seriously take themselves seriously as a "sprite" artist?

anyone can do it. IT takes no talent. I'm tired of all these shitty sonic flashes.

"OH SHIT DR. ROBOTNIK TOOK THE 23423423 sprite chaos cock sucker crystals. SUPER SONIC go fight big giant robot sonic." Alright you're flash animator, and you've done something everyone has atleast done once in there life, and theres no ounce of originality in your soul at all. People love you, because they love the source material. YOu sack of shit, go fuck yourself.

Don't get me started on mario paradies.


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2008-08-18 09:09:05

I have to agree, sprites and stick animations are for the lazy and untalented.

Dossfilm responds:

Stick figures have their moments of talent. I mean you are right and everyone is right when it is a lazy way of animating. But Lets be honest when people make stick figure animations, they are animating, and they drawing. It takes some effort to make stick figure animations, hell i've even got one. Sprite animations, your only worry when making one, is keeping track of all the layers you are using. Thats it.


2008-08-18 16:25:22

Yeah, I tottaly agree, for spire animation atleast, I mean if mario is drawn by a good artist it it really cool to see it. Also like that popular movie: Hyudan or something that song, for me it was really like a 'WOW'. However I can't tell it about Sonic, that for like 12 year old retarded kids. Mario is still the uber person for me. ;)
And I totaly agree about stick animation, gotta take a while to animate it though, but there are some really crappy ones out there, same as Sonic and mario ones, You just gotta find one that fits by your fantasy. :)

Dossfilm responds:

ha good point


2008-08-30 13:50:45

Working with sprites isn't that easy. You have to animate them properly. You won't be needing to draw graphics, other than that, it has no difference. I know, because i worked with sprites, although i didn't submit them.

(Updated ) Dossfilm responds:

I've messed around with sprites too, I mean it's a little bit of trouble getting your image all set, but once it's done. You're good to go. Now there are some Sprite animators who actually go on to design their own sprites. And thats real work and talent and I can respect that.


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