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Posted by Dossfilm - September 8th, 2008

newgrounds for me is like the youtube for flash animators. For the little man to express ideas and get their message across, and to fuck around and show off what they can do. It's been around for a decade. And all I can think is that it can only go up. Tom and Wade Fulp designed Newgrounds for the little people, and we've seen tons of amazing, just amazing flash artists whiz by and animate something truly wonderful. And this was all started by a couple of college boys. Well it gets me thinking.

Tom and Wade can't possibly want to run newgrounds for the rest of their lives, or atleast not run the same newgrounds, it won't all be the same newgrounds that we've seen today. They're going to want to get alot back more for their investment. So what can we expect from Newgrounds ten years from now. Fulp Bros. have already done comic con. That is a huge deal, for coverage and the likes of that. But one of these days, It won't be the same. Because with every kingdom, it has it's folly. Newgrounds will one day have to change to survive, I'm sure. And I wonder will it become this huge super financial company, makin teh big bux. I don't know. I was just thinking.

Posted by Dossfilm - August 18th, 2008

do people seriously take themselves seriously as a "sprite" artist?

anyone can do it. IT takes no talent. I'm tired of all these shitty sonic flashes.

"OH SHIT DR. ROBOTNIK TOOK THE 23423423 sprite chaos cock sucker crystals. SUPER SONIC go fight big giant robot sonic." Alright you're flash animator, and you've done something everyone has atleast done once in there life, and theres no ounce of originality in your soul at all. People love you, because they love the source material. YOu sack of shit, go fuck yourself.

Don't get me started on mario paradies.

Posted by Dossfilm - August 6th, 2008

Title of the series

It might change, because lets be honest it's a cheesy title.

Haven't started storyboarding the episode as of yet, but I'm getting on working on it.

All of you should watch my cartoon City Royale It'll give you a hint as to the style I'll be using for this cartoon.

A brief synopsis: A story of kids forced to leave the protection of their childhood, and save a large city from total destruction...

Sounds a little iffy. But I think you will like it.

Posted by Dossfilm - August 2nd, 2008

bitchez I made myself a cartoon and made a 3.59... THAT IS SUCH A COCK TEASE. So close to have a BLUE highlighted score, the closest I've ever been. But nah I got myself a green score. dammmmmmmm....

Seriously though, what a tease. Thanks anyway for voting.

Oh and I submitted my AOTO teaser. It's not much and kind of abrupt. But I thought it was fun to make, and I think you all might find something you like from it. Anyway check it out. AOTO teaser

Posted by Dossfilm - July 28th, 2008

There has been an idea running through my head; and for some time now. It's an idea for a flash series called The Alpha, and in this series we'll have several heroes, who are reluctant to be, as they are still kids themselves. It has an anime-ish feel to it. But It's not accepting the anime basic style, what with the big eyes pointy noses. I hate that. But as of currently I'm working on a trailer, a teaser trailer. So the trailer contains no footage from the actual series. It will just be a little fun cartoon containing the character. That will have some relevance to the plot. Stay tuned.