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this is crazy

on shrooms. That's really all I have to say, because I'm still trippin.

I'm going to try and do this as politely as I can.

You're like a thirty year old man who never learned to grow up. Who believes every childish fantasy they come up with is something memorable and unique but is merely a motif of their favorite cartoons. You're like a free thinking parrot, citing others as your own. The fact of the matter is You never get better. Now I'm kind of ashamed of myself because sinking down to you're level and criticizing this piece I'm merely giving you credit and the satisfaction you don't deserve. I wouldn't ever do this to someone but I've been watching your shit since middle school. In middle school, it was fun, it was down right fun. You had your own series or whatever it was all anime based, which is cool... In middle School. I'm a college grad now hoping to get a major in timed based media, and I come to this site for inspiration from time to time, being the place that inspired me to doodle. Doing the math I assume you're probably older than I am and have surely been working longer and harder at this flash game for who knows how long. Why don't you sit down and make something worth watching. Stop mimicking the infamous anime that happens to be popular at the moment - and make something of you're own. Seriously, time to grow up. It's just like watching you're bad ass uncle from your early years grow up to be a drunk and wife abuser. Anyway I'm going to go reevaluate my life for even writing a serious review of this bullshit - because it wasn't worth the time. It's just the internet.

Hopefully you'll abandon this naruto crap and make something worthwhile. Good Luck.

more likee


sick burn - peace!

that was tight

really dig your style. it's good shit.

Great animation

Absolutely wonderful, comment to vinnie though -

Can you do anything other than elongated anime intros?

It's cute and all but could you expand away from your comfort zone and make something more original?

No offense to your technique, I'm just bored of the same old-same old.

Other than the fact that I'm just tired of seeing rehashed anime intros to catchy feministic techno/disco jams. Good job.

Zwickel responds:

Vinnie rocks, stfu.

This was pretty good.

But top scoring animation? I'm not too sure about that one. First of all there was hardly any animation within the animation. It was a bunch of stills being panned around. I like the song and I liked the cartoon. But it's definitely not worth the number 1 spot on newgrounds. What makes the cartoon such a hit is that you examplify intelectual properties in such a fanatical way, that everyone finds it a dream come true. So all you nintendo fans get over your fanbase fantasies. OH LOOK IT's MARIO Imma give him five because I just get off to mario, OMG LINK no more I have to change my pants now, NOW DONKEY KONGG... ohhh gooddddd nintendo is like crack. Yeah that was my immitation of you fanboys/girls.

ANYWAYY sorry about that, great cartoon Awkward-Squid (if that is your real name). Can't wait to see more from you in the futre.

I've been a fan since the begginning

And I must admit I was getting really pissed off that after four years and much anticipation you hadn't shown anything of the actual series. And after waiting about a hundred years for the next Joe Zombie, Arogancy, I was beginning to think that you had quit, seeing that you're site hadn't had an update in a while. BUT LONG LAST. Great job! It was definantly worth the wait.

It just wasn't funny.

You tried to hard dude. I think you've been watching too many of those "awesome" cartoons, thought you were cute, and decided to revisit your childhood cartoon and steal the dudes shtick. Real Original. Seriously, not funny at all. But I mean if you take pride in getting a laugh from the 4th grade population congrats. Really, congrats. Stop taking a turd in Flash Mx and submitting it to newgrounds. Please.

this is great

make more! cant wait for the sequal

your a genius

I would kill to see more stuff,

i would just die if i didnt see another

that dop shit

is flippin fergilicious.

and it wasn't that disturbing you guys.


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